Our studio store is located in beautiful sunny San Diego, California. 

Tryout: Studio is a great place to checkout the fabric quality and try out the outfit for perfect fit.

Customization: You can have a sneak peek to our latest collection or check out our catalogue for preorders. We take pre-orders for customization.

Styling: We provide free ideas for styling and cloth selection for your body type for our product lines.

Wedding/Reception: We have wedding Lehengas and provide wedding styling for bride/groom's family/friends including customization. It may take 5 -6 weeks for clothes to get delivered to your home. Customized clothes are not eligible for returns and should be pre ordered. 

Our customers love to visit us not only from San Diego but also from Irvine, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Temecula, Riverside etc.

For customization, appointment is required for studio visit.


Address: 13223-5 Black Mountain Road, San Diego, CA, 92129

Hours of Operations:

     10 am to 3 pm : Store is open
      3 pm to 9 pm : By appointment only
                               Call/Text/Whatsapp : 619-507-3512
      12 am to 5 pm : Store is open 
      12 am to 5 pm : By appointment only
                               Call/Text/Whatsapp : 619-507-3512

To book an appointment:

Call/text/Whatsapp us at 619-507-3512

Or, Write us an email at contact@tevyhive.com


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